"It really helps to mix with people who have been through the same or very similar experiences.  

To finally be around kids who have been through the same things, I think has done her the world of good, more than she realises."


Jo Wishick, Mother of and donor to Ella aged 16

(Ella's brother, Oliver, also received a kidney from their father)


British Transplant Games 2016...

Liverpool 2016

Thursday 28th July - 31st July 2016


Registration is CLOSED.  Don't forget to return your medical form and pay your fees to your TS Hospital Team Manager.


We've new events such as netball, more events for living donors and supporters and a full program of social activities throughout the 4 days.  If this is your first Games and you're not sure how it all works, please get in touch and we'll guide you through the process.  Most participants join the team representing the hospital where they had their transplant but this is not essential - you may wish to join the hospital team where you receive on-going care.  If you're not sure which team to join, let us know and we'll discuss the options.   New participants will be contacted by the chosen TS Hospital Team Manager to take you through the complete registration.

How to register:

  • All participants need to be a member of Transplant Sport - membership is free so just click on the JOIN TS link  to get yourself registered - we'll email you your membership number

  • Take a look at the Schedule below and decide which events you want to take part in - competitors can register for 5 events and additional socials

  • Are you healthy enough to take part?  Whilst you don't need to be an Olympic athlete, all transplant recipients will need a medical certificate - you can download the form to be completed by your transplant specialist by clicking on the BTG MEDICAL FORM link

  • Click on the REGISTER FOR THE BTGs link to register

  • Make sure you pay your fees to your TS Hospital Team Manager - you will receive confirmation of who this is, what you need to pay and how to pay once registered

  • Arrange your accommodation - your TS Hospital Team Manager will be able to advise

BTG Medical Form...

Join TS...
WHBTG Information...

Registration Costs...

contibutes towards the services offered during the Games.  These include Welcome pack, transport, competive event entry, hire of the venues, medical and physio support. 


Adult Competitor                        £35 registration 

Adult Supporter                          £20 registration

Child Competitor                        £35 registration

Child Supporter                          £10 registration


Event Fees & Cost of Social Activities...

There is an additional cost for some activities and social events - full details are shown when you register.

Transplant Eligibility...

  • Organ transplant -

Individual must have received an organ from someone else and received immunosuppressant post- transplant.

  • Bone Marrow recipients –

Individuals who have received a bone marrow or stem cells transplant from a donor and are on, or, have been on immunosuppressant’s post-transplant.

  • Organ Failure post-transplant -

Eligibility for participants with a failed organ transplant that is stable on the following supportive therapies:

Kidney –on dialysis

Pancreas – by insulin

Heart – artificial heart pump

Small bowel – total parenteral nutrition

  • In all cases of failing transplanted

organs participation will depend on residual

capacity and current physical fitness.

  • Competitors or supporters should not attend

any TS event if they have an acute infectious illness or are suffering from a chronic infective process.

Living Donors...

Sports Schedule...

Click on the link below to download the full 4 day schedule.

Contact us...
History of the British Transplant Games...


The British Transplant Games are organised on behalf of Transplant Sport.  The Games were inaugurated in 1978 in Portsmouth by Maurice Slapak, who at the time was a Consultant Transplant Surgeon.  About 100 participants took part in the first Games in a one day event. 

Over the past 35 years the Games have grown to a four day annual event with over 800 transplant recipients aged from 2 - 80+ taking part in over 20 different sports with over 1000 supporters watching on.  


Some TS members come to win medals, training for their specialist events, hoping to be selected for Team GB & NI competing at the World Transplant Games.  Most come to meet new friends, catch up with old friends, enjoy new sports at their own pace and relaxing for a few days with others who've also faced debilitating illness but are now fit and well as a result of a successful transplant.

North Lanarkshire 2017

We're delighted that the British Transplant Games will be visiting Scotland in 2017 and grateful to North Lanarkshire for hosting us.  


Birmingham 2018

And get ready for the 2018 British Transplant Games in Birmingham.